Early Assurance Program

The Early Assurance Program is no longer accepting incoming students. Current Early Assurance Students will continue on in the program to graduation.

The Early Assurance Program is designed for academically exceptional and ambitious students. Entering first year students accepted to this program are assured admittance into one of the University’s participating graduate programs.

Early Assurance students — academically prepared, civically engaged, and already planning for graduate school — the Early Assurance Program provides a unique opportunity to secure admission to one of the University’s highly ranked graduate programs while you’re still an undergrad.

This exclusive program differs from those offered at other universities. Most early assurance programs require students to select their major and graduate program when they’re first admitted. The University of Utah’s Early Assurance Program allows students to take courses and explore their educational interests for up to two years before declaring their graduate choice. You won’t find an “open track” program that offers these benefits anywhere else in the country! It reflects the University’s respect for each student’s goals and academic choices.

The Early Assurance Program is the perfect way to guarantee a panoramic educational experience at the U from start to finish. The program is limited to high-performing students who meet the qualifications. If you qualify, we invite you to download and complete the Application Form today.

Participating Graduate and Professional Undergraduate Programs: Architecture & Planning, Business, Education, Engineering, Health, Humanities, Law, Mines & Earth Sciences, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health, Science, and Social & Behavioral Science.