smiling female studentTestimonials

“Every minute of the day I am in awe of the motivation of the other students in the Early Assurance program, and I love that fact that they are so encouraging of dreaming big and working hard. I love that I can walk into my honors classes knowing that everyone around me will have done the reading and is as excited as I am to hear what the professor has to say; what a perfect learning environment!” — Early Assurance 2010 student

“Whether it is reading books, talking to professors or hanging out with friends, I have had the opportunity, thanks to the Distinguished Scholar Award, to increase the quality of my overall education at the University of Utah.  As a result of my expanded education, I have developed new interests and discovered more about myself.”  — Early Assurance 2010 student

“The opportunity to be involved in Early Assurance has helped me to lengthen my foresight and I cannot emphasize enough how much this scholarship has meant to me.”                                         — Early Assurance 2010 student

“I can definitely say that instantly being a part of the Early Assurance community really helped my transition to college. I also joined the Community Leadership Scholars Group in addition to the Early Assurance Program Scholars Group. Through these programs I was able to bond with the Early Assurance students as well as with older students from the Honors College. Our advisor has also been a great help in showing me all that the U has to offer.” — Early Assurance 2010 student

“By awarding me with the Scholarship you have motivated me to maintain the highest
educational standards. Your generous offer has filled me with pride for the community and
encouraged me to give back. Someday I hope to be able to reciprocate by providing a similar
contribution to aid incoming students at the University of Utah.”– 2012 student

“I have been able to have an academic experience that I know cannot be experienced by many other students.  I am not only sharpening my academic skills, I am learning how to learn, and I am learning how to be a great human being.  Without this Scholarship, I don’t know what my life would be like.  I am so grateful for this opportunity that has been given to me.  Because of the scholarship, I am able to pursue my dreams, and what more can a person ask for than that.  Thank you for allowing me to pacify my thirst for knowledge, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to pursue a bright future.“–Early Assurance 2012 student